Apps I would like to see on Windows Phone 7

With over 7,000 apps the last time I checked, Windows Phone 7 is growing quite well, and is getting two nice updates this year.  I detailed in a prior post what I think should be done with the phone regarding bug fixes and enhancements / new features, so I wanted to focus on the other side of the equation – apps.  There are a number of apps available for the competition’s phones, some of which should be brought to Windows Phone, and some brand new ideas that should come over as well.

Age of Empires

This is a classic Microsoft RTS Game and is still great fun.  Having it on the go would be even better.


This is a great game on Zune HD that creates roller coasters based on your music tracks, and would be a great game for X-Box Live on Windows Phone.

Augmented Reality

These apps are great discovery tools giving you live information on the world around you, based on the video feed and on the GPS circuit in the phone, and it would be great to see which restaurants are around, and links to menus through such an augmented reality screen.

Bank of America (available now)

-a nice BoA app so i can view my accounts, make transfers, pay bills, and see graphs of my spending and do some projections on credit card / house / loan pay-offs would be great.

[Update]: This app is out and ready to use.  The only thing I would like to add is a way to track spending, do some savings projections on what I would need to save to buy a house, car, etc., and do some loan / house / credit card payoff projections.


This classic board game would be great, especially if they can do X-Box Live multiplayer for some head-to-head action.

BBC iPlayer

-for UK users, a way to catch their BBC programming through the phone.

Bing Visual Search – done!

Similar to Google Goggles, search for something just by taking its picture, and translate text by simply taking a picture or using the live video feed.

Comcast Mobile

-see what’s on, pay your bills, and set recordings for your DVR through this app

Congress App

-enter your ZIP code and see who your representatives, senators, and other elected officials are.  The app would download profile pages for each, showing the map of their districts, and contact info, RSS News feeds from all the news networks, vote histories, sponsored bills, and the official profile page from their websites.

Deutsche Bahn

See train schedules and buy tickets for the trains in Germany through this app.

Election App

-enter your ZIP code to see who’s running in your town, county, state, and for the nation, their party, links to the websites, RSS feeds of all the candidates’ news, how they’re doing in the polls, stances on issues, etc.  On election night, this app would download vote totals as they return so you can see how candidates are doing in realtime.  You can mark candidates as ‘favorites’ so you can track how they’re doing at any point in time.

Facebook (feature request)

A feature found on the Zune HD version of Facebook, but not yet on the Windows Phone is the ability to press the Zune button and share what song you’re playing to FB instantly, with a link to the Zune Marketplace to share / play that song.  This should absolutely be carried over into Zune, or more preferably, in the Windows Phone Facebook app.  It’s great advertising on the largest social network for Zune.

Fantasy Football

-a fantasy football app for all the football fans out there, picking teams, keeping scores and all.


-a sheet music app that could play back what you enter with several instruments.  Very useful for music students and teachers.  Perhaps add in some lessons / note recognition games to help learn music.

Find Me

An app where you can send your location to your friend’s phone and ask them to meet you there, so you don’t have to give directions, but just have that person’s phone do it for you.

FoxNews – Done!

We have a CNN app, but this news network is also quite popular and should come out with an app as well, along with all the other news networks – CNBC, MSNBC, etc. so they can get the news, video, and pictures of the news, always updated.  Users should be able to choose where they get their news.


Already an iPhone app, this application lets you visit ‘pins’ on the map where you can earn between $3 and $90 for doing simple tasks like taking a picture of a restaurant and answering a few questions.  Very nice idea that should show up on Windows Phone.

Graphing Calculator

Something feature-wise like the TI-89 calculators, with graphing abilities for students would be great and definitely cheaper than a $150 calculator.

Grocery List with Barcode Scanner

I’d like to see an app that has a live-video-barcode-scanner so I can scan my groceries as I buy them, and it would automatically search for the lowest prices either online or at other local grocery stores.  It would then group the lowest prices by store so I can see that buying x, y, and z at Publix is cheaper, or I can go to Target for a, b, and c.  The app stores what I’ve purchased before so that I can tap and ‘add to grocery list’ so it would create my grocery list for me, and organize by store so I know where to shop for the lowest price.  Perhaps also include a database of items for easy item recognition like the iPhone app.

iTransit Buddy

Just like on the iPhone, get train schedules online: “Just type in your starting location and destination and you’ll get a full train schedule with departure and arrival times from the relevant transit service. You can even email your travel details to a friend with the touch of a button. Other apps offer the same features, but the real value here is that iTransit Buddy has information on a wide range of cities including New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. The 3.99 price is a little steep in the world of apps, but it’s worth it given how much time you’ll save”

Mah Jong

This is a great tile-game and I would love to see it on WP7.


Track your favorite Baseball team / players, check scores, get news, and notified of when the next games are going to be.


I know we have an official monopoly app, but I would like to see some variations, like Trekopoly, Transformer-opoly, FSU-opoly, UF-opoly, and so on.

Movie Collection with Barcode Scanner

Scan the barcodes of all your DVDs and view them within the app as a cover-flow-like stream of DVD covers. Also, scan DVDs in the store and put them on your wishlist, and enter movie / tv show names on the wishlist to be notified when they’re released.

This app would also offer suggestions “what to watch” and ask what you’re in the mood for – a genre, an actor, a series, a happy ending, something violent, something funny, etc.

Based on the movies in collection and on your wishlist, it would also suggest other movies you may like, and offer to put those on your wishlist as well for later purchase / rental.

Movie ID

Take a picture of a movie and identify it online through IMDB or elsewhere to get ratings and whether it’s worth a purchase or not.

Movie Times

An application that will list out all upcoming movies.  You can check off the movies you want to be reminded of, and the app will give you Toast Notifications the week of the movie’s release, the day prior, and the day of.


An app to track your favorite teams and see how they’re doing and get the latest scores for the games going on right now.


This is a classic game and would be a great addition to the WP7 game library.


Many people have this app elsewhere, and would enjoy it on the Windows Phone as well.  Alternatively, Microsoft can put Smart DJ on the phone and get rid of all need for this app, along with user-made Zune Channels based on a handful of artists/songs/albums, and then Smart DJ off those handful of songs.

Radar detector

Just like Trapster on iPhone: “Rather like a wiki-source radar detector, this app alerts you when you’re approaching police speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras. Users can add traps to the database and the system take notes of the credibility of specific user submissions over time to ensure quality.”

Sky Map – done!

Similar to the google Sky Map app, just point your phone to the sky and get an overlay for the constellations seen up in the sky.

Sky Player

-for UK users, a way to watch TV and movies streaming through the phone.

Sprite Something

This app is a great throwback to the old NES / Atari days and would be quite fun on Windows Phone as well.

Star Trek: Captain’s Log

An interesting app for creating geo-tagged Captain’s Logs that anyone can access online.  Could be good for travelers.

Street Fighter

A version of SF2 or perhaps SF4 would be a great game for X-Box Live, including head-to-head, leaderboards, and competitions through X-Box Live.

Uzu visualizer

This app is available on iPad right now, and is just plain fun.  I’d love to give it a try on Windows Phone.

Wishlist with Barcode Scanner

Simply scan the barcodes on anything you want, and put it on your wishlist.  Have it track the prices for you and notify you when there’s a sale online or in a store for the items you’re tracking.

World Atlas

An offline app that gives you a spinnable globe with countries, provinces/states, counties, cities/towns/villages, timezones, latitude/longitude, and basic statistics on those divisions, likely from the CIA database of countries.

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