X-Box Music with Background Images

If you used Zune and remember it fondly (as I’m sure most people who use X-Box Music do), if not only for having more features than X-Box Music (hereafter XBM), then also for its aesthetics.

Zune had backgrounds with very odd names: Diaphanous, Emosewa, Everglade, Geisha, Mellifluous, Meridian, Neuxe, Phyta, Schmikyl, and Slate (blank).  But the great thing about these is that they added some visual interest to the software.

So this:


This is called ‘Everglade.’  Now imagine for a moment if you could add those to the X-Box Music program.  It could look something like this:

XBM with an Everglade Background.

XBM with an Everglade Background.

Now, how much better is that than a stark white or gray background?  This is a very quick and easy fix that can be implemented with a minimal of code.

More backgrounds for your viewing pleasure:

Diaphanous Slate Schmikyl Phyta Neuxe Mellifluous Meridian Geisha Everglade Emosewa

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