How to Make a Great RSS Reader

I’ve tried out several RSS Readers on Windows 10 Mobile, and news apps, including MSN News and Flipboard, and I have yet to find one that does what I need for my news requirements.  So I will lay out my expectations and how I would do it, if I were a programmer.


The very first feature I would add in a News app / RSS Reader would be the ability to add RSS Feeds from a URL, and then have the ability to categorize it into a specific news category.  For example, I speak German, so I frequently read Die Welt via RSS.  Common RSS Feeds should be prepopulated, and I should be able to ‘silence’ or remove some news sites I don’t believe are trustworthy or are biased.


The second feature I would add is to make it look and feel more like a Newspaper and a native Metro (or if I must, Modern) app.  That means pivoting pivots at the top for categories, namely: National (US, or wherever I am currently), Environment, Local (my state/province and city), Science, Technology, Travel, Video Games, Entertainment, International, Most Popular, Health, Lifestyle, Opinion, Politics, Finance, Sports.

There should be headlines for breaking news, and side articles for lesser importance items.

When viewing in a mobile environment, the app bar should show a share button, and refresh.  When viewing on a tablet or desktop, the interface overall should still have the pivots at the top, but the layout should look more like a newspaper with live updates (as in, I shouldn’t have to manually refresh), and share counts from my FB friends in the people app if possible.

One of the most important features to me, to make it feel more like a newspaper, is to mix all my feeds together.  For some, they might not want this, but it should be a setting to ‘combine all RSS Feeds from various sources into the same categories.’  So, let’s say I want to have NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Daily Mail Political news.  I subscribe to their RSS Feeds using the app, and then I pivot to “Politics,” and then I see all the various sources in one single stream of news, but with a tiny little icon telling me whence the news came.  Simple, useful, beautiful.  This is not a very difficult request, but for some reason, most RSS Readers don’t know to do this.


What do you want in a News Reader?  Reply below.

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